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Min Fuh Teh
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Min Fuh Teh

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Min Fuh has worked in HIV and rights advocacy in Australia and South-East Asia since 2007 when he started as a peer educator. Originally from Malaysia, Min Fuh was awarded the Chevening Scholarship by the UK Commonwealth Office to undertake a Masters of Law in Human Rights, graduating with an LL.M. from the University of London. Previously with ACON in Sydney, he coordinated the Asian Programme, working with MSM Asian communities on HIV prevention, sexual health, and community capacity building. He was also the coordinator for the metropolitan Multicultural Gay Men’s Health Interagency, leading the research and campaign development arm of the partnership, pioneering a research as advocacy strategy and bilingual HIV campaigns. Regionally, Min Fuh co-chaired youth advocacy teams at ICAAP and IAC and led the development of advocacy strategies and a position paper on HIV and SRHR for key populations in the conference. He has also held advisory board posts for the Asian Australian Rainbow Alliance, B-Change, City of Sydney and the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby.

Min Fuh studied medicine at the University of New South Wales, Australia, where he focused on HIV/STI clinical medicine and public health. He undertook research on STI epidemiology to inform public health policy, publishing in the journal Sexually Transmitted Diseases in 2008.