SHOWCASE March 9, 2017

Pireh Male Health Society Teaching Sex and Gender Equality to Hundreds of Pakistani Young Leaders

The 7th Pakistan Youth Congress (PYC) was held in Islamabad in January 2017. Initiated by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF), PYC is one of the biggest youth development project for Pakistani youth. Every year, since 2009, youngsters from all over Pakistan participated in this project. They interact with each other and engage in efficient learning activities that facilitate their knowledge …

ADVOCACY February 19, 2017

How to Report Human Rights Violations Faced by LGBTIQ People to National Human Rights Institutions in South Asia

Six countries in South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) have established a national human rights institution (NHRI), all of which include complaint mechanisms. The establishment of these NHRIs has provided MSM and transgender people with access to complaints mechanisms that can help resolve human rights violations these marginalised communities often face. However, several challenges remain to limit …

SHOWCASE August 22, 2016

Spotlight: Dareecha Male Health Society (Pakistan)

Based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Dareecha Male Health Society (Dareecha) has experience working with the MSM community since 2012. Dareecha was officially registered in June 2015 and started working as an independent CBO in January 2016. Comprising of 15 staffs, Dareecha is one of the country recipients of the Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA), in which APCOM acts …

SHOWCASE August 22, 2016

Spotlight: Pireh Male Health Society (Pakistan)

Based in Larkana, Sind Province, Pakistan, Pireh Male Health Society (Pireh) has been in operation since the beginning of 2012. More than 14,000 MSM and almost 2,500 transgender people have been beneficiaries of different services offered by the organisation, such as BCC, STI diagnosis and syndromic management, distribution of condoms and water-based lubricants, VCT services, awareness on HIV, STI and …

SHOWCASE December 23, 2015

Spotlight: Khawaja Sira Society (Pakistan)

Pakistan's first and largest hijra organisation has set a remarkable path for the well-being of Pakistani hijra communities.

In 2009, the Pakistan Supreme Court officially recognized hijras as a third gender, allowing their third gender certification on their national ID and ability to vote in the election. However, this “monumental progress” is still far from achieving equality in the larger context. Trans citizens are still having difficulty to access education and employment in both private and public sectors. …

REGIONAL December 23, 2015

PrEParing South Asia

The progress of South Asian PrEP advocates in generating PrEP demand in their region

In September 2014, APCOM conducted the region’s pioneer dialogue exploring the roll out of PrEP in Asia and the Pacific called PrEParing Asia. PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. PrEP is an HIV prevention approach where HIV-negative individuals use HIV medication to significantly reduce their risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus. A common brand of medication used …

LEARNING November 1, 2015

PrEParing Pakistan, One Young MSM at a Time

A reflection piece of young PrEP advocate who attended PrEParing Asia

Sarmad Ali, a Youth Voices Count member from Pakistan, considers himself a PrEP advocate. With the grant from UNDP’s Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (based at the UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub), Sarmad attended PrEPARING ASIA, along with other PrEP advocates from South Asia. Read below as he reflects his participation in Asia’s first and biggest regional consultation on the roll out of PrEP.  …

REGIONAL June 25, 2015

MSM & Transgender Communities Paving the Way to Sustain their Income

With the prevailing social stigma and oppressive law, access to funding is difficult for the everyday heroes working for the community of sexual and gender minorities.

The sustainability of many community organisations in the region has been questionable. With the prevailing social stigma and oppresive law, access to funding is difficult for the everyday heroes working for the community of sexual and gender minorities. It is not uncommon that their work survive from project to project and then disappear altogether due to their inability to sustain their income. In a constitutionally-Islamic …

SHOWCASE March 31, 2015

Empowering the Powerless in Pakistan

When we started initially, people spread rumours that [our drop-in centre] is a brothel of male sex workers. The police used to harrass us and our field workers. Now, some of [the police] even contact us

When Naz Male Health Alliance (NMHA) was founded in 2011, the challenges we had to go up against were numerous. Despite our unfaltering dedication and motivation, we were at first unsure about how much we could achieve. Working in a constitutionally Islamic country, with a visibly conservative society and an unaccommodating state, the amount of integration NMHA would find with …

SHOWCASE March 5, 2015

“2015 UNESCAP Inter-Governmental Meeting on HIV” Experience: A Young Pakistani Perspective

In my opinion, the regional model in cooperation with our partners and network has been fruitful and significant in many aspects.

After three years of making broad regional commitments tackling HIV and AIDS, we as partners and networks from the Asia and the Pacific region met once again this past January 2015 in Bangkok to review the progress of our near finished work and to make some new commitments again at the Inter-Governmental Meeting. In my opinion, the regional model in …