NEWSROOM August 31, 2017

A Manual for National Human Rights Institutions to Promote and Protect Human Rights in relation to Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Sex Characteristics

UNDP Asia and the Pacific’s Being LGBT in Asia and the Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Institutions (APF) has released a manual for national human rights institutions (NHRIs) to promote and protect human rights in relation to sexual orientation, gender identity and sex characteristics. The manual provides many case studies of the work of NHRIs on human rights …

PUBLICATIONS November 17, 2016

A Snapshot of the Legal Environment on Same-Sex Sexual Acts and the Rights of Transgender and Intersex Persons in Asia and the Pacific

A Snapshot of the Legal Environment on Same-Sex Sexual Acts and the Rights of Transgender and Intersex Persons in Asia and the Pacific is produced on the occasion of the 28th ILGA World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The Snapshot provides an overview of the legal environments in the Asia-Pacific region to inform the issues, challenges and opportunities regarding the rights …

PUBLICATIONS November 9, 2016

Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

Discussion Paper

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services” is a discussion paper that examines the attitudes of institutional and popular Christianity towards men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons (TG), the impact of such attitudes towards the aforementioned individuals in relation to HIV prevention and treatment, as well as Christian teachings and strategies that affirm key affected populations …

From Yogyakarta with Love

10 years ago, in response to well-documented patterns of abuse towards LGBTI individuals, a distinguished group of international human rights experts met in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to outline a set of international principles relating to sexual orientation and gender identity. The result was the Yogyakarta Principles: a universal guide to human rights which affirm various international legal standards with which many …

LEARNING February 11, 2016

GAYOK BANGKOK, a Webseries Delivering HIV Messages, is Thailand’s most viral Gay Webseries

Press Release

Have we been waiting too long for a realistic storyline of native Asian gay men coping with their sexual health issues? The answer is yes. Despite efforts to expand the visibility of LGBT individuals on mainstream TV series and webseries, there’s still not a lot out there that truly empower sexual health and rights of gay men who are living …

LEARNING November 1, 2015

APCOM at 2015 ILGA Asia

The 6th ILGA-Asia Regional Conference took place in Taipei, Taiwan; and APCOM conducted exciting agenda for the conference (see below). The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) is a global network of LGBT activists, which today has more than 1,000 affiliated organizations in 119 countries. ILGA-Asia is the largest gathering of LGBT activists in Asia. A diverse range of member organizations …


Islam, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

Discussion Paper

This discussion paper examines why Islam matters in prevention efforts for HIV, what Islam and Muslim scholars say about MSM and transgender people, as well as how this impacts on the lives of MSM and transgender people and their access to health services. While Islam allows for difference of opinion, and the religious leaders disagree on many social issues, most …


Overlooked, Ignored, Forgotten: HIV and Basic Rights of Transgender People in Asia and the Pacific

Policy Brief on Trans Health and Rights Issues

For Asia and the Pacific, HIV rates among transgender people are disturbingly high, ranging from 49% in Delhi, India to 11% in Bangkok, Thailand. It is estimated that there are nearly 10 million transgender people in this region, many of who often endure stigma and prejudice every day of their lives. Governments and communities alike must take steps to fully …