SHOWCASE November 29, 2016

“My Sexuality, My Faith” Session at ILGA World Conference 2016

“My Sexuality My Faith” was one of many sessions organised by APCOM during the 2016 ILGA World Conference in Bangkok. Supported by UNDP through Multi-country South Asia Global Fund HIV programme, the session is a safe-space for all community advocates to exchange knowledge regarding experiences in protecting the rights of the people of sexual minorities through faith-based advocacy. The panel …

PUBLICATIONS November 9, 2016

Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

Discussion Paper

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services” is a discussion paper that examines the attitudes of institutional and popular Christianity towards men who have sex with men (MSM) and transgender persons (TG), the impact of such attitudes towards the aforementioned individuals in relation to HIV prevention and treatment, as well as Christian teachings and strategies that affirm key affected populations …

SHOWCASE November 29, 2015

“Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health” Session at 2015 ILGA Asia Conference

Our “Christianity, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health” session during the 2015 ILGA Asia Conference encompassed presentations and discussions on intersecting issues of Christianity, sexual diversity and access to sexual healthcare. Topics included Christian viewpoints that oppose and support LGBTIQ people and their issues, and collaborations between LGBTIQ and HIV civil society organisations and Christian groups in Asia. The session’s speakers  …

SHOWCASE June 29, 2013

Towards a More Honest Islamic Society: HIV and the context of Religion

“I lived my life serving my husband and family as I am taught in religion, now my husband is dead and I am told to leave the village.” These are the words of a Malaysian Muslim woman living with HIV cited in one of the plenary presentations of the HIV/AIDS in Islamic Majority Settings pre-conference held in Kuala Lumpur on …


Islam, Sexual Diversity and Access to Health Services

Discussion Paper

This discussion paper examines why Islam matters in prevention efforts for HIV, what Islam and Muslim scholars say about MSM and transgender people, as well as how this impacts on the lives of MSM and transgender people and their access to health services. While Islam allows for difference of opinion, and the religious leaders disagree on many social issues, most …