SHOWCASE August 22, 2016

Spotlight: Dostana Male Health Society (Pakistan)

Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Dostana Male Health Society (Dostana) envisions a world, an Asia, a Pakistan and a Lahore, where individuals are able to exercise their fundamental human rights for the achievement of personal and professional excellence, regardless of their sexual orientation, sexual behaviour, and gender identity. In achieving that vision, Dostana strives for the advancement of the social and health rights of men who have sex with men by strengthening community systems and developing community-led interventions with focus on addressing discrimination and stigma. Dostana also work on creating an enabling environment by advocating for equality, justice, safety, health and well-being of MSM communities and individuals.

Since 2012, Dostana has been one of the national recipients of the Multi-country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA), in which APCOM acts as the programme’s regional sub-recipient. With 15 full-time staffs, Dostana has been empowering the sexual rights of MSM in Lahore by providing HIV and STI diagnosis and treatment, conducting safe sex awareness, distributing condoms and water-based lubes along with behaviour change communicaton materials, providing mental and health care and support to people living with HIV, and more.

To contact Dostana, reach out to Programme Manager Dr. Muhammad Usman Ali, Dostana, Pakistan

Contact: +92-336-4428286

Skype ID: