PUBLICATIONS October 8, 2013

Innovative HIV Testing in China Case Study

APCOM’s Highlight series profile the often unheard of MSM and transgender community-based documentation of good practices from projects across Asia and the Pacific.

This case study highlights innovative use of internet for mass mobilisation HIV testing among MSM community in China.

With the passage of time, the idea of using the internet has been practised widely by all walks of life, inclusive of health educators. The practitioner’s community named this model “Online to offline (O2O).”

In 2012, GZTZ, an MSM health community in China, used the Internet to mobilise as many as 5,389 MSM into HIV testing, accounting for 83% of the city’s yearly total. The number of test-takers mobilised over the Internet had increased rapidly. Previously, only a few dozen test-takers admitted to be MSM were recorded in the city.

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